Maybe it’s the onset of Anzac Day, prompting from Kathie, Melbourne’s well-known determination not to be outdone by the Emerald City, or frustration that the Great Aussie BloggerCon has not yet materialised, but more probably a result of the flurry of Aussie blog ranking/discovery/revealing of the diversity of the Oz blogosphere, started by Craig and kicked along by Meg, Duncan and others. Or Melbourne starting to get colder and people looking for a greater variety of indoor activity .

Or all of these.

Whatever the reason, Darren and Alister have taken steps to emulate the Sydneysiders and get a bloggers meetup group going – at last glance it had 42 members, which is impressive seeing it’s only just been announced.

Alister has all the details in his post – It’s time for Melbourne (AU) Bloggers to Get Together! – including how to sign up.

Good touch, Alister – the (AU). It will be a bit far for blogging Melburnians in Florida USA, Qu

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