Craig Harper, a motivational speaker and among other things a blogger, is based in Melbourne, Australia. He has quietly put together a list of the top 100 Australian blogs (right sidebar of blog), with the measure of topness being their ranking on Technorati .

Apart from the ranking aspect, this is a great contribution for those of us who would like to know more about who the other Aussie obsessives bloggers are.

The stats are interesting. Darren Rowse of Problogger fame has an incredible ranking of 59. James Farmer’s Blogsavvy is not far behind at 96. And Darren has at least one other blog in the list – wouldn’t surprise me if he, and James, had more.

The indefatigable Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneur’s Journey is in the top ten. His Small Business Branding is also in the list. Does this man sleep?

Alister Cameron is in the top twenty. See also: Shai Coggins, Duncan Riley, Sarah Goldstein (The Bargain Queen), Ben Barren, Dipping Into the Blogpond’s Meg (who has her own list, which will be the subject of another post), Senator Andrew Bartlett (who may well be the only real Aussie pollie blogger, although I have been challenged on that and would love to be proved wrong on the matter), Trevor Cook, Frank Arrigo, Kathie Thomas (the Virtual Assistant) and Craig Harper hisself.

If I’ve omitted anyone I know from this mini-list, it’s probably because I don’t recognise your blog name in Craig’s list: so please ping me about that.

Actually, I don’t envy Craig the task he has set himself to list these blogs and update the list as new contenders come to his attention.

Barring a prominently displayed Aussie flag or other overt signs of national origin or allegiance, some blogs just won’t be noticed as being eligible for the tag. For example, this blog and another of mine, Business and Blogging, were not in the first cut, although I’m happy to say Craig included them after I modestly drew them and their respective Technorati rankings to his attention (hint: if you’re not in and your stats indicate you should be, email Craig from the link on his site).

Meg’s list, also very interesting, is drawn up with a different measurement framework (I don’t rate in that list ) and as mentioned above I will post on that another time.

This is all good stuff. I know we will get that Aussie BloggerCon together one day (just that I won’t be announcing it as definite until I’m absolutely certain – like maybe at the opening session).

I wonder will someone among the more tech-savvy of our tribe come up with an OPML or two for these lists and do a share?

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