Although I don’t spend a lot of time checking the stats on this blog, I’m always interested to know where people come from and what posts they find more interesting than others.

A couple of weeks ago I made some time to check the Google Analytics latest reports on this blog. And I’ve just been back to have another look.

I’m noticing some interesting details.

One is that it seems that the “Work from Home” category is attracting quite a few visits. Given the name of the blog, Thinking Home Business, that’s understandable. It’s also prompted me to put some time into providing more posts on issues, news and opinion about doing business from home.

Another, related detail is that a post I wrote back on December 1, 2004 seems to get a lot of visitors. Today I Ironed a T-shirt and Shorts was written a bit tongue-in-cheek. It was partly about having some discipline in our lives as professionals working from home, while acknowledging, with a touch of celebrating, that we are not constrained to dress more formally and – dare I say? – as uncomfortably as are our brothers and sisters who do what used to be called the 9 to 5, in offices.

I wrote then:

I think most home based bizoids would agree that, while being a slob might be ok on the weekends, it’s not a good mode of operation when you are running a business from home, any more than it would be in a business more in the public eye.


Not that I hold with the home based business ‘experts’ who suggest or recommend you get ‘dressed up’ in the morning as if you were going to work in a traditional office.

Haven’t changed my point of view. And I’m happy to say that more than two years on, I still iron my T-shirts and shorts before starting the day’s work. Of course, a more organised person would have that done the night before, or perhaps on the weekend. Or even outsourced?

Of course, when I go to the big city for conferences, I do the polished shoes number, even suits!. And sometimes a tie.

But here at my computer in my home office I don’t feel I work any less efficiently than if I were dressed up as for a city office. More efficiently, I would say. But still neat.

Would love to hear other people’s views on this. Maybe you feel pajamas are ok? Or are you for dressing up in the power suit before you start the work from home day?

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