My colleague on the b5media business channel, Mary Emma Allen, has a list of 5 Simply Successful Secrets for a home business, one of which is to Have fun:

Enjoy what you’re doing even though every moment many not be the most

pleasurable.  However,  find the fun in your business and seek ways to

let others see your enthusiasm.  Someone who’s upbeat and having a good

time at what they’re doing attracts customers, clients and friends.

Judging by the comments on the post, others also subscribe to that principle.

I know I do. As Mary Emma suggests, there are times in any business that seem anything but fun, but business is going to be much more manageable and more likely to bring success if our prevailing mood about our business is that we are enjoying what we do.

Whenever I find that I’m feeling weighed down by business before the working day has begun, as distinct from a healthy tiredness in the evening, I treat that as a warning signal that there’s something I’m not doing right. Usually I find it’s because I’ve launched into a project or tackled a project in a certain way that is not in harmony with my overall goals and principles. Once I recognise what’s happening, I step back and do some reorganising or even, if I can’t see a way to make the work fun, decide not to go ahead or, if I have to proceed, I take steps to finish it as efficiently and quickly as possible and then put some time into figuring out how to ensure I do not repeat the mistake.

I wasn’t always so smart. I thought work and fun were in two quite separate zones.

Now I know better.

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