I’m currently writing a series on blogging platforms, on my Business and Blogging site, which no doubt contributed to my taking particular notice today of an item on Blog Business Summit, linking to a very neat and helpful post My Top 5 Blogging Tools by Todd Ziegler, which includes the following hearty endorsement of WordPress :

WordPress is the best blogging platform for my money because it is easy to use, full featured and completely open source (free!).

This statement seems to sum up all the arguments I’ve heard for WordPress over the past few years. 

The challenge I have with that sort of endorsement is that I believe the “best blogging platform” does not exist, any more than the “best car” or “best plane” exists. That’s not a criticism of Todd – he does say “for my money”, which I read to mean, for his purposes. My challenge is when other people extrapolate from their personal preference to make a global claim – and believe me I’ve been in enough “discussions” on forums to know that some people will simply not hear anything that suggests that WordPress might not be the ideal solution for everyone in every situation.

I looked at some of the issues in this post on User Types. Different blogging users have different levels of expertise, different needs, different attitudes to how much they want to do themselves and how much they want to leave to others. And there are considerable differences that come into play when you compare a solo blogger’s needs with a multi-user requirement in a large corporation.

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