This post completes the series on the unduly drawn-out saga of my launching a business blogging podcast show.

The show – Business Blogging Show – now has its own home on the internet, with its own address, and the podcasts I’ve done till now have been uploaded there.

I’m not comfortable about the fact that a whole bunch of people  – 282 when I looked today – have subscribed to the RSS feed I had previously provided, in posts here and in the sidebar, for a service that has just not worked for me. I hope people who have done that will see this post and re-subscribe at the new and long-term link for the show blog is as above and RSS feed for the podcasts is

As mentioned previously, I’m using the free Audacity product for recording and editing and what looks so far like an excellent service for recording and storing audio and video, and for recording conferences – a feature which I am looking forward to using for interviews and teleconferences. The service, BYOAudio, has a 30 day trial for $1, and this seems to include most of the features of the fully paid service, which is $19.95 a month.

(March 6: Thanks to Jack Vinson for picking up the RSS/XML link confusion above, in the first version of this post. Isn’t commenting a wonderful thing? A glitch like that could remain unnotified for months on a traditional website.)

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