One piece of advice I give to people starting a business blog is to plan their categories as best they can, before they do much posting. Otherwise, if my experience is not uncommon, there can be a tendency to make up a new category to fit a new post. Which in turn means that a blog can finish up having far too many categories to be helpful for people visiting the blog.

And my guess is that it is not helpful in the search engine ranking stakes.

Would that someone had explained all this to me when I started this blog back in 2004.

I’ve been more disciplined in setting up the Business and Blogging site on b5media.

I made an attempt some months ago to rationalise the structure, but did not in any sense complete the task. Today I’ve tackled it more seriously and spent a slab of time getting some order into the system. The main time consumer was changing the categories in some older posts before I deleted categories I now found superfluous.

Previously I had a cascading structure of categories and sub-categories. But as I’ve indicated, that wasn’t done in a planned, librarian-type way. The sub-categories, like the categories, just kind of sprouted. Now I have an almost completely flat structure, free of sub-categories, except for the Photos category.

There are now twenty four categories, which is probably too many. I can see where there could be some rationalisation and the next step may be to make some of the current categories sub-categories, which is quite a simple keystroke exercise on this BlogHarbor platform. But I’ll hold on that for the moment.

Curiously, when I checked just now to see how many categories I had on Business and Blogging, I found the same number as here – twenty four!

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