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Brian Clark of Copyblogger.com to be Interviewed by the Blog Squad - Thinking Home Business

Brian Clark, the word stylist who shares generously from his experience and wisdom on Copyblogger.com, writes with an elegance and a kind of rich spareness that frankly makes me envious. And I’m pleased to say that Brian’s Copyblogger.com is part of business channel on the b5media blogging network, where I have the Business and Blogging site.

Discovering Brian’s blog helped me realize that it was possible to write with a sales or advertising objective without doing a disservice to the English language.

So much of what I read that is proffered as “great copywriting” reads as if created by a word machine – and the same machine with a button stuck on the same program. Not so Brian’s work. His writing is always fresh, even when it’s on a subject that might be quite familiar.

You have the opportunity to hear Brian live on Thursday February 23 22, when he is interviewed by the redoubtable Blog Squad, Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff, on their Blogging and Beyond show. The interview will cover:

writing words that sell for the Web: sales and landing pages, email marketing messages, sign-up pages, squeeze pages, and blog posts

You can also submit questions in advance, which amounts to having the chance of some highly expert coaching from three very knowledgeable people.

Time is 8pm 8 am US Pacific time, this Thursday. More information at Blogging and Beyond. (Update: note the time correction – I could have sworn it said 8pm, which would have been a good time for me, but 8 am is the correct time).

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