(Update July 9, 2012: the website Business Blogging Show, to which this series of posts refers, was closed some time ago – just a matter of how many sites I could handle and it was one too many. DW)

If the email marketers in their efforts to get our attention hadn’t so devalued the expression “I goofed!” so as to make it mean “I’m spoofing”, I would have employed that once-useful phrase as a sub-title for this post.

Because yesterday, in a moment of inattention, I sent my new Business Blogging podcast show (as announced in the previous two posts here and here) off the rails, or rather, into oblivion. What happened was that I’d made a mistake in uploading an audio file and in my endeavour to fix that succeeded in deleting all the audio files and, as I thought at the time, the whole program.

So I set up a new one – Business Blogging Show. The Podserve service would not accept the exact name of the original – and for a very good reason, as I discovered today. The program hadn’t been deleted. And there it was, empty of content, but now with more subscribers, who had presumably clicked through from the links I’ve been scattering around. What to do?

After weighing the pros and cons and taking some advice from a professional podcasting colleague I decided to stick now with Business Blogging Show and hope those who subscribed to the original will now subscribe to the replacement. The three podcasts I’ve done to date, on the ad:tech Sydney conference, are now on the site for the new show. And from a quick check of my notes from the event it looks like I have material there for two or three more episodes.

Actually, I quite like the name Business Blogging Show and have even registered the domain name businessbloggingshow.com. Still to be pointed to the site on Podserve, but I will be able to give that out as a fairly easy-to-remember url.

(Update March 5: there were to be some further challenges, now hopefully resolved. Business Blogging Show now has its own site and URL, http://www.businessbloggingshow.com.)

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