(Update July 9, 2012: the website Business Blogging Show, to which this series of posts refers, was closed some time ago – just a matter of how many sites I could handle and it was one too many. DW)

In Part 1 of this series on my latest adventure in podcasting, I mentioned the problem I’d had with my plosives, i.e.

There were some problems with the first recording I did, mainly about the plosives, the”exploding” sound you hear on a recording when the speaker uses a word starting with “p”or “b”.

I’d read about this before, but needed to do some searching on the issue again. One solution offered was to use the audio editing tool Audacity’s Click Removal tool. That didn’t work for me – popping was still there and really grated on the ear, even for me.

It was time to move to the solution of setting up a kind of shield, a “popper stopper”, between the microphone and me, such as you see with film or still photos of singers recording in studios.

While I knew that these items can be bought, I wanted to go on with the show, to coin a phrase, so I decided to use the diy system, using a wire coat hanger and pantyhose, a solution I’d seen mentioned on a couple of sites such as this one. I didn’t use pantyhose as such, but what are described on one site as “black petites”.


The block of wood with the holes is, I believe, a rather professional touch for the base, better than relying on my wire-bending skills to make a stable base




The dictionary is not essential. Just wanted a way to have the microphone at mouth level so I don’t have to stoop to record.

Main thing is, it all works.

Podcast at Business Blogging, Business Blogging Show, on Podserve (see March 5 update below) and it has its own RSS link. (Update: in learning the ropes on Podserve, I deleted the whole show instead of one incorrect upload – hence the need to change the name and strike out the old one).

(Further update, March 5: since this Feb 18 posting, I have met further challenges, with plain sailing now, I hope – Business Blogging Show now has its own url, http://www.businessbloggingshow.com and with that a new RSS link.)

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