In this broadband age, it’s easy to get impatient about a page opening or “downloading” for the digerati, and we forget how really slow it was in dialup days. So lately I’ve been wondering whether this blog site is opening quickly enough for people not to want to move on. 

Accordingly, I ran this blog site through the free web-based service Web Site Analyzer. That’s just a matter of typing in the web address of the blog, sitting back for 20-30 seconds and then looking through the stats. There is a text section which for this site included admonitions to change this and that, but I figured that some of what they were saying should be changed is just part of the system, so I’m not going to stress about that.

What I did notice however was that in an analyis of “object type” the slowest download was for “HTML Images”. So for the past hour or so I’ve been taking images off the sidebars, in stages, re-testing, replacing one or two images and re-testing again. I’m not going to get rid of images completely, but the analysis does suggest that I need to be judicious in how many images I have and how large they are, so as not to slow things down too much.

Another factor in download speed seems to be the number of posts displayed on one page. I’d recently reduced that to 5, then bumped it up to 10 and have now brought it back to 6. That to me seems a good balance between my assumptions about readers being interested in having more than one or two posts to read (I do, but of course that doesn’t mean everyone does) and not reducing speed too much.

I would really like this site to be quick and easy to download, so suggestions and comments, as always, will be welcome.

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