One of the things you do as a blogger is to be your own editor. Which is not always easy.

About twenty minutes ago I hit the publish button on a post, Local, Mainstream Media and Business Blogging, at my Business and Blogging site on the b5media network. At about 354 words including the title, the actual post was a half to a third shorter than the first draft. I actually surprised myself when I sliced out a few paragraphs I had actually taken some time to craft.

But each time I read through the piece I felt it did not flow. Then I had to acknowledge to myself that I had two or three different, although related, themes in there. So I asked myself, what point would I really like to focus on here? Then I cut.

I’m not saying it’s perfect. Just better, easier to read than it was. Certainly more focused. And frankly I’d probably have done it all much faster if I’d taken time out to figure out what I wanted to say, before I started typing. The other points I left out can become other posts another day.

Brian Brown of Pajama Market has interesting comments in his The perfect blog post piece – key points for me were: go for short posts, write in  your natural “voice”, and do it all so as not to take a lot of time away from your normal schedule.

Thanks to Easton for the link.



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