Thanks to John Philip (Jaypee) Habaradas, today I received the code to enable me, in principle, to display here the full gallery of pictures from Tino Buntic’s 2000 Bloggers project. I thought that would be neat, especially given the apparent Technorati ranking benefit from my participation in the project, as posted here a couple of days ago (and, for what it’s worth, there has since been a further improvement of about 4,500 in that ranking).

After several attempts, I accepted that the blog platform here was not equipped to accommodate in one post all the code for the 2000 Bloggers. I tried it also with a WordPress blog and had another minor meltdown.

So for the moment, and as part of a tribute to Tino for starting and continuing this event which seems to have become a bit of an ongoing party, I am including here one of the nice banners produced for the project (The banner seemed to be distorting the page, so I’ve removed it).

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