With the benefit of hindsight, my previous post declaring the Australian Blogging Conference to be a definite goer for March 8 this year proved to be wrong. I still believe it is a goer, but as my mother would have said, I was a bit ‘previous’ as to the date.

The organiser, Peter Black at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) could have gone ahead as scheduled, but as he explains in his announcement of the postponement, that would have meant abandoning his vision of having no admission charge for attendance.

I’m hoping a new date can be determined quickly. Peter is looking at some time in August.

Also in his post as linked above he invites participation in an afternoon seminar in Brisbane, on March 8, for bloggers in and in striking distance of Brisbane and for interstate or other distant but interested parties via Skype. We will be sharing ideas about the conference. This is an opportunity to have your say, and it should be fun.

The postponement is a disappointment in a way, but it provides some more time to develop the shape and style of the event.

And perhaps there will now be a better chance of Darren being there.

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