MyBlogLog started life as a link tracker and is still a link tracker. But it’s more. It’s a new social networking phenomenon.

You may have noticed the new widget on the left sidebar, which shows other MyBlogLog members who have been visiting. My username, or as we used to say, handle, there is Beachblogger.

Some of my colleagues on the b5media network, where I have the Business and Blogging site, started to use MyBlogLog more intently, linking actively to people they knew. I joined in.

I’ve posted on Business and Blogging on MyBlogLog as a Traffic Multiplier and I do believe my more active membership has helped improve my traffic.

Luis Suarez, the Knowledge Management guy, has written a very informative post MyBlogLog – A Proper Community around Your Weblog and 5 Reasons Why You Would Want to Install It. His five reasons are:

  • keep track of your readership
  • Web presence (importance of a picture)
  • Connect webloggers…and their blogs!
  • Interact with webloggers
  • Find other communities … and members

On the fifth point, about finding communities, he provides a great tip for someone new to blogging or maybe not new but without much readership.

Even if your weblog does not have much readership just yet you can still use MyBlogLog to build up further on it. How? Well, just searching through the Communities and Members options you would be able to locate other communities related to your favourite topics, or you could also try to look for members who you feel may be there from other.



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