At one level, joining Tino Buntic’s 2000 Bloggers pictorial parade was a bit of fun, as I wrote here.

Also, I partially rationalised the time I spent on it by wanting to test a suggestion I read somewhere, on Tino’s site maybe? that participating could help my Technorati ranking by increasing traffic, multiplying links. Traffic as such is fairly meaningless for my purposes here from a business point of view, and I must confess that for this blog I have never really done much about seeking targetted traffic (sounds of tut-tutting by my seo/traffic-targetting colleagues). But I do find what has happened quite interesting and I trust that my sharing it will be of interest to some. Anyone else need read no further today.

Let me say I’m always a little wary of attributing direct causality to related events – one of the classic logical fallacies, as I learned long ago, is “post hoc non ergo propter hoc”, which loosely translated means that just because effect B happened after action A, it doesn’t necessarily follow that B happened because of A (for more on this see the Wikipedia entry, with its interesting link to the second episode of one of my must-watch programs, The West Wing).

But the figures are interesting. When I checked the Technorati ranking of this blog about when I put my photo up for 2000 Bloggers it was ranking 32 thousand and some hundreds. Whether that was before the picture was actually posted or not is not material, because when I went back and checked a day or so, it appeared that Technorati had not updated the ranking for some 22 days, well before 2000 Bloggers burst on the scene.

But here’s the thing: in that time this blog had moved from the 32 thousand something ranking to just over 25,000.

I’ve just checked back and in the space of a few hours, the ranking has improved by some 2,355 and the number of blogs linking has gone up from 132 to 146.

I actually believe that much of the shift of some 10,000 (give or take) places in Technorati’s rankings is quite plausibly attributable to my participation in Tino’s 2000 Bloggers project. I am pretty sure there is some influence also from my increasing participation at MyBlogLog, where I go by the moniker of Beachblogger.  But that’s another post.

Actually, I’m still a bit mystified about all this. My actual traffic numbers don’t seem to have spiked dramatically in recent weeks, although in the past 48 hours there has been a noticeable increase. As I don’t know how Technorati ranking is calculated, I would not hazard a guess about what all this means. As always, I welcome comments from anyone who can throw some light on this or have their own story to add or link to (but not thinly disguised or undisguised plugs for seo courses please).

Through the 2000 Bloggers project I’ve also discovered interesting blogs which I might not otherwise have found,  like Lisa Ray’s intriguingly named Two Knives (the clue is there – and no it’s not another chef blog) – thoughtful, humorous, and now in my feed reader.

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