Just over a month ago I posted here about the Australian Blogging Conference being planned by Peter Black of Queensland University of Technology, for March 8 this year, in Brisbane. Peter’s announcement at the time was expressly tentative. According to his post on January 19 the conference is now definitely on.

Update Feb 2, 2007: the conference is still on but has been postponed, so it will not be on March 8 but in August at a date to be fixed. For updates, get the feed from Peter Black’s Freedom to Differ blog.

What’s more, the venue is the brand new, state of the art State Library of Queensland, which I saw on a recent visit to Brisbane, although only from the outside, but that was impressive enough. It’s a striking building, on a prime spot on the Brisbane River and part of the amazing cultural precinct which includes the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the Queensland Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery and the – also very new and very striking – Gallery of Modern Art.

And reading Peter’s latest post I noticed, in his statement as follows, mention of a possibility for companies wanting to get the attention of and possible link love from a bunch of enthusiastic bloggers:

I hope to make an announcement about sponsorship soon, but I can say that it is unlikely that we will charge any registration fee.  In the meantime, if your business would be interested in sponsoring any part of the Conference, please contact me on [email protected] and I will email you a Sponsorship Kit.

I’m pleased too that the only real “bloggers’ blogger” I know of currently on the Australian political scene, Senator Andrew Bartlett, is expected to be there. All the political junkies will no doubt be in his ear with their observations in this election year. And another hat tip to Peter for arranging the presence too of Professor William W. Fisher III, Director of the prestigious Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. And note that Professor Fisher is scheduled to give a public lecture on the night of March 8. It will be full-on day, no doubt, but I for one will be planning to attend that lecture.

Peter told me too that it would be good to have some podcasters there as well as bloggers. So don’t forget the microphone!

Duncan Riley has talked to me about a bit of a blogger meetup, probably the night before the conference, at one of Brisbane’s various no doubt excellent watering holes. Suggestions for a venue welcome.

And if  you are thinking of attending the conference or would just like to attend, even if you are not sure how you’ll get there, why not email Peter at the address he has provided in the quote above?

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