Our Big Biller Audiobook, on which I have posted here more than once in recent months, has now been launched and is being bought in very satisfying numbers. Here’s the press release we’ve just put out. I had a really boring headline which I won’t embarrass myself by repeating here. My colleague Bill Vick substituted what I call a ‘cut to the chase’ headline:

One Million Dollars?  How do some recruiters earn over one million dollars per year?

Big Biller Books launches a new audiobook, “Big Biller: What Makes the Big Billers Tick – Secrets of Their Success”. Now recruiters and staffing professionals can hear first hand how Big Billers achieve their million dollar success. The audiobook, a DVD with over ten hours of audio from live interviews with recruiting industry top producers, and an 85 page e-book and roadmap for recruiters is now available.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) January 16, 2007

Throughout his highly successful 20 year career as an executive recruiter, Bill Vick kept asking himself what made the industry’s Big Billers tick. “I wanted to know the secrets of their success, what drove them, how they kept hitting winning scores,” Bill said.

A Big Biller is one who bills consistently one million dollars a year, or more, cash in. They are a rare breed. Bill Vick is on a mission to increase their numbers.

A former national rookie of the year with industry leaders Management Recruiters International, a founding member of The Pinnacle Society, a national speaker for the National Association of Personnel Services, serving on the board of Texas Association of Personnel Services and other recruiting organizations, and a Big Biller himself, Bill knew that these industry superstars were not all poured from one mold. “They all had different backgrounds, different personalities, different approaches,” Bill said. “But I was convinced that there were must be some key principles they all applied. And if we could work out what they were, that could help others be as successful or even more so.”

So in 2006 Bill set out to get the answer to his questions. He interviewed Big Billers and other industry leaders world wide and recorded the interviews word for word. And those interviews were not just general chats or “war stories”. Bill asked and got straight, detailed answers to specific, focused questions.

With thirty one in-depth live interviews recorded, ten hours in all, Bill and his co-author, Des Walsh, extracted from the interviews a set of key principles of success and incorporated them in the Big Biller e-book, together with detailed action steps for readers to apply those success principles in their own businesses.

Danny Sarch, President of Leitner Sarch Consultants and President of the Pinnacle Society, said: “Bill Vick and Des Walsh have written an extraordinary book which truly illuminates the vitality, energy, and drive of some of the absolute best in the recruiting industry.” Alan Schonberg, Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Management Recruiters International says in his Introduction to the book: “Here it is the book that can change your life”.

The Big Biller audiobook – DVD and e-book – is published by Big Biller Books and is available online at this link.

Big Biller Books, based in Plano, Texas, creates dynamic learning experiences with multimedia books about the “best of the best” in their chosen fields.

Big Biller books and audiobooks incorporate the written word, live audio interviews and dynamic web sites that show, inspire and teach others the techniques, tools and strategies needed to achieve exceptional success.

For further information contact: Bill Vick    800-364-8425  [email protected]

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