I’m excited that at last we are about to launch the Big Biller Audiobook. I won’t repeat here the whole post today from my deswalsh.com site, but the testimonial I quoted there is too good for me not to want to make sure I’ve let everyone know about it.

Danny Sarch, President, Leitner Sarch Associates, and President of The Pinnacle Society, wrote:

Bill Vick & Des Walsh have written an extraordinary book which truly illuminates the vitality, energy, and drive of some of the absolute best in the recruiting industry. The practitioners profiled  are amazingly  diverse in their niches, backgrounds, and personalities.  What makes the book so special is Bill’s ability to find the commonalities among this wonderfully skilled group of people and detail their common skills and characteristics. Any recruiter who takes the time to listen and read will end up being a more skilled craftsman. 

And that’s just one.

For more information and details for ordering, click here.

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