It’s just over two years since I moved this blog to this BlogHarbor platform and I realized over Christmas that it had kind of growed like Topsy. There was just too much stuff on the main page and that wasn’t smart in terms of being welcoming and convenient to visitors. For one thing, it was becoming slow to download.

And I think it was a comment by Dean  about the amount of stuff on the site, that had made me take a good, hard look at what was there and what could be dropped.

But what to delete and what to leave was not an easy matter to decide.

So I started with a new template. I figured that if the site just looked different, that would help. Tried out a few templates and settled, for now anyway, on this one called Simple Grey. One thing I noticed in trying out various templates was that there were variations I hadn’t previously noticed, in terms of the fonts used as well as with items like the width of sidebars compared to the width of the centre column.

I then deleted a few items from the sidebars. Actually, they are not deleted from the system, just moved off the page, put in storage so to speak. I took out a few ads, but left the Blogkits one for the time being. And I’ve added some text and a graphic about the new audiobook Bill Vick and I are launching next week, Big Biller.

Then there was the decision of what to do about the blogroll. I’ve noticed that a number of leading bloggers do not have blogrolls, or else make it very small. Others have quite extensive blogrolls. But in the interest of freeing up some screen real estate, I’ve put the blogroll file – which in this system is a “Favorites” file – and will think about putting that set of links on a separate page, with a link from the sidebar to that page.

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