More than once in the past I’ve finished the year with a major project or two not complete and hanging over my head during the Christmas break. So it’s a very agreeable feeling this year that the audiobook project I’ve been working on with my Dallas, Texas colleague Bill Vick, is now complete and on the market.

The Big Biller Audiobook comprises a DVD with ten hours of interviews with recruiting industry Big Billers – defined as those who bill a million dollars or more a year, consistently – and an ebook in which we’ve drawn out the dominant themes of the interviews and illustrated the themes with selected quotes from the interviews.

It’s been a very rewarding experience for me already, listening to the interviews and writing the book with Bill. I’ve read enough books where people promise to tell their “secrets of success” and more than once I’ve been quite disappointed. But with these interviews I have been quite amazed to hear how much these successful people have chosen to share.

It’s also been part of my continuing education in the recruiting industry. In the past I’ve done recruiting, but only as an employer, and I’ve applied for positions. But from working on this project and the previous book I co-authored with Bill, Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting, I’ve learned a huge amount about how the business works and I have developed great respect for the dedication of people who make a success of it. One of the biggest lessons I’ve had is how much emphasis the successful recruiters put on building and maintaining relationships. Which kind of stands to reason when you think about it, but it was frankly not my previous image of the industry.

What I’ve learnt from the interviews is that the really successful recruiters are incredibly focused on the relationships they have with clients and candidates and on the quality and endurance of those relationships.

We’ve already had great interest in the audiobook from people who have listened to some of the “snippets”, one minute soundbites from the interviews, on the Xtreme Recruiting site. So we are doing a very special offer there for early bird orders (Offer now expired).

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