I would love to see an Australian blogging conference happen and of course would love to participate.

Just over a year ago, Duncan posted a call for an Australian blogging conference. Darren and others commented. I commented here. James had held a conference in Sydney earlier in 2005. In October this year, Trevor punted “Time for a Bloggercon Downunder?” which generated a flurry of comments. And then silence.

Until yesterday. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) academic Peter Black has scooped up the loose ball and is running with it, announcing “tentatively” an Australian Blogging Conference for March 8, 2007, in Brisbane. (UPDATE: the conference is now to be held on September 28, 2007).As well as QUT’s backing, Peter has evidently also persuaded the ARC Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation to come to the party.

In an email to me and others, Peter has indicated that he sees the conference as being not too formal. Indications are it could be an excellent gathering of bloggers and others interested in where blogging is and where it might be heading in the sunburnt country.

This will not be a conference in the traditional sense. It will be relatively informal. Instead of lengthy presentations, people will be invited lead discussions on various topics throughout the day – some practical, such as how to build a better blog, and some theoretical on the role, influence and future of blogs.

Peter is also keen for there to be no charge for registration. Which means getting some sponsorship. Anyone with ideas about that – a great opportunity, imho, for any company wanting to connect with the Aussie blogosphere, the university sector etc – should contact Peter at [email protected].

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