When it comes to making money from blogging, there are certainly people who do so directly from their blogs. People like the six figure blogging man himself, Darren Rowse.

And there are others, myself included, for whom their blogs are a more indirect way of making money, in that they are a part of the whole mix of ways we promote our capabilities and services, with the aim of attracting business in whatever our special field is.

That said, I don’t have any objection to making some money directly from my blog. That includes having ads, and I’ve had them for quite a while – not to any great financial effect, I have to say.

But recently I signed up with Jim Kukral’s new BlogKits service. I’m impressed by Jim’s approach. He is a real blogger and from what I’ve seen he is genuinely keen to help bloggers make some money for their efforts and be comfortable about the content and quality of what is advertised.

A couple of things impressed me about Jim’s approach. He doesn’t take just any blog into his system – I had to submit and be accepted, which fortunately I was. Then I found that Jim actually responds personally to emails. Now there’s an interesting thing for someone doing business on the web – how unusual!

(Update May 23, 2007: Jim has moved on – see his May 21, 2007 post Didn’t You Used to Own BlogKits? What Happened?)

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