As a follow up to my post yesterday, If You Own a Small Business, You’d Better Stay Healthy, I thought tonight I should mention something that has been very helpful for me and is very manageable in terms of space and time for even the busiest home based professional (or for that matter even those not home based).

The Five Tibetans are not a group of jolly monks (there may be such a group, but I don’t know about it), but a shorthand term for the Five Tibetan Rites, as expounded in the book The Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder. I learnt them from an amazing Australian woman, Carolinda Witt (pictured left), who has taken the original system and adapted it, to suit us more sedentary Westerners, into her T5T system.

Here’s a short summary from Carolinda’s website:

T5T (The Five Tibetans) is an ancient Tibetan rejuvenation technique that has long been credited with the ability to maintain youthfulness and vitality. Comprising five yoga-like exercises and an energising breathing technique – it is combined with modern exercise methods such as core stability to provide a 10 minute a day, step-by-step program – that can be done safely by anyone, anywhere and at any time.

I have to say when I heard the word “yoga” I had images of being required to stand on my head and twist my body into positions I regarded as being quite impossible for me. I need not have worried. Carolinda has given a lot of thought to how to make the exercises (the “rites”) quite manageable even for those of for whom running onto a football field or other field of athletic endeavour is personally, as it is for me, a distant memory. So I started slowly and carefully built up my repetitions over a period of time, never straining.

The exercises are also great when you are travelling. You need no special clothing or even a gym and you can do the exercises in your hotel room before you go off to meetings or a conference. They only take 10 minutes out of the day and they more than repay that, in my experience and the experience of others.

There’s also Qi Gong or Qui Gong, which I enjoy, and actually I have been doing that and not the Tibetans for a while, but have been enjoying getting back into the Tibetans.

Carolinda also has a blog called, yes, The Five Tibetans, where she shares from her extensive knowledge about diet and other health matters.

And I’ve just noticed on the blog that there will be a US edition of Carolinda’s book in 2007:

The US version of the book is called The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan and will be published by Random House on April 3rd 2007.

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