I really believe one of the great gifts of life is chocolate and I love finding articles in magazines and online that say chocolate is good for you. But then I look closer and the sort of quantities they talk about are usually miniscule compared to what real chocolate lovers would regard as a reasonable intake.

Take for instance this item I found on BBC’s site, from way back in 1998: it has a great headline and the first para begins well:

Chocolate is good for you – official

Chocoholics around the world can take heart from new research which shows chocolate can help you live longer…

Then the “but”

...as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

And I’m pretty sure the experts’ idea of what constitutes “too much” is lower than my estimate.

So it’s probably a good thing I work from home, so that I don’t get tempted so much to buy that Just One Bar Which Should Last a Couple of Days.

But I’ve found a partial substitute for actually buying and consuming chocolate as compulsively as some of us might be wont to do. I can now read about chocolate and ogle the pictures of chocolate confections, over at my b5media colleague Cathy Spalding’s truly scrumptious site, Chocolate Bytes. I think it’s a fair bet she loves her work.

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