In her just-released white paper, Web 2.0 For Business Advantage, Otter Group CEO Kathleen Gilroy explains the business benefits of using Web 2.0 services:

It was simplicity and convenience that got me to these new services, but it has been real value in terms of dollars and cents in my pocket that has kept me going. Web 2.0 mitigates the disadvantages of being small. I run what is classified as a very small business (defined as having under 15 employees and under a million dollars in sales).

You can download an extract of the white paper at no charge and the full paper for $9.95. In my review on Business and Blogging I explain why I recommend the report for anyone wanting, for themselves or others,  a lucid, business-focused explanation of  Web 2.0 and the various Web 2.0 services.

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