Thinking this morning there’s actually no shortage of things to write about here. Just that I am actually somewhat strapped for focused, leisurely writing time.

I feel a twinge of guilt or embarrassment or some such feeling when I read supposed experts saying that if you’re serious about blogging you should post every day (at least), although Darren’s thoughtful piece here suggests to me that regularity of posting is probably more important than frequency. Even on that basis I’m still probably guilty as charged, Your Honour.

Fact is, the launch of the new Business and Blogging site on the b5media network has taken up some extra time this week. I know that in principle a blog post should not take long to write but I got a bit absorbed in doing the first couple of posts of the new phase – a fella wants to put on a good show and all that. What’s been very agreeable is the supportive and encouraging comments on the site. A more systematic person than I would probably have no trouble juggling a few blogs: the reality is that I expect it will take me a bit of time to get into a rhythm of posting regularly there (as in at least once a day) and here.

Then there’s the Big Biller audiobook I’m co-authoring with Bill Vick for the recruiting industry – big billers being those people who cash in a million dollars or more in fees for a year, and then do it again, and again. Working on the book is not a chore, it’s actually inspiring (as I’ve said to Bill the interviews with superstars of the recruiting industry, which provide the core content, are pure gold and fascinating to listen to) but there’s a heck of a lot to do in the next couple of weeks putting it all together.

It’s really encouraging that it appears from the stats that hundreds of people are listening to and no doubt downloading to their iPods, or other devices of choice, Bill’s great one minute sound bites from his interviews with the Big Biller recruiters and other industry leaders at Xtreme Recruiting.

End of excuse. I will do better, I will do better.

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