I do have a space on MySpace, mainly because someone told me months ago that if I wanted to get seriously into marketing online I needed to have a space there, so I set one up, but haven’t looked at it for ages, until today (just to check what was there so I didn’t embarrass myself unduly!).

So while I know roughly what MySpace is and does, I’ve frankly been mystified by the buzz, although not unimpressed that Rupert saw fit to throw vast amounts of money at it.

John Lanchester’s article in The Guardian Weekend, A Bigger Bang has helped me get a better idea of what’s happening, not just with MySpace but with the re-structuring of the online world and some of the commercial implications.

The second internet goldrush is in full swing, and this time it’s all about real people, creating, editing and showcasing their own lives and opinions. John Lanchester gets to grips with the virtual universe and Guardian writers interview the smartest and the luckiest entrepreneurs who demolished the old internet and built a brand new one.

It’s a great overview and I would recommend it to anyone over 25 who is just not sure what’s happening out there in netland.

via Dimitar on Blogtronix Demo

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