My colleague Bill Vick, recruiter extraordinaire in his own right, has been interviewing an outstanding group of men and women, Big Billers in the recruiting industry, for a forthcoming audiobook we are co-authoring.

A big biller is defined as one who consistently bills $1 million (or more!) in a year. And that’s personally, not just as an aggregate for a firm.

Listening to the interviews, I am amazed at how much information and wisdom these high achievers are sharing.

At Xtreme Recruiting, you can listen to (and download if you choose) some great, one minute interviews with these big billers. While you are there you can also register your interest in being informed about when the audiobook will be published etc.

I’ve just listened to the interview with recruiter, entrepreneur and big biller Charles Moore, who shares the steps and disciplines he uses to dominate a niche in his industry. The advice has all sorts of other applications, for example in consulting.

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