In the light of a recent post on Trevor Cook’s Corporate Engagement, and a couple of mine here  and here about the idea of an Australian blogging conference – or “bloggeruncon” – it was instructive to read this morning a post from the Blog Business Summit (BBS) now on in Seattle – The Top Five Constructive Points About the Blog Business Summit.

In that post, Teresa Valdez Klein, one of the organisers of BBS, reports on some of the feedback from conference participants. The first two of her five points caught my attention in the context of thinking about what sort of conference we might or might not have in Australia.

1. There are really two conferences here: the gathering of the bloggerati clan and the business folks.
2. We need more speakers who are from less tech-savvy companies and have some experience with the institutional resistance that is currently a major obstacle to getting the vast majority of businesses into the blogosphere.

The Bloggercon Downunder concept covered by Trevor and with some interesting comments would serve the idea of a “gathering of the bloggerati clan”. I’m becoming increasingly of the view that trying to marry a gathering of the bloggerati with a conference for business people who are not (yet) blogging but want to know more is likely to be counter-productive.

And I see the conference for the business folks being something that people in the meetings and events industry will need to take up, research and – if the numbers stack up – implement as a business proposition, inviting some of us to speak, rather than the bloggers trying to organise it. It would be interesting to see a list of people in Australia who have “experience with the institutional resistance …” aspect.

For the time being, my interest is more in the “bloggercon” idea. Although I don’t see any current groundswell of support in the commenting section over at Trevor’s bloggeruncon post.

Are some people thinking, “not again?” Will the support come when someone takes action, gets a sponsor or two, books a venue and issues an invitation – in other words, when people see that something is happening and it would be mad to miss it? For the conversation, if nothing else!

Or for the drinks! Hmm, talking about sponsorship, I’ve just thought of an Aussie winemaker who blogs.

Which may or may not be a plausible enough reason to include this wonderful Gaping Void cartoon

(Note: somehow the cartoon has disappeared.)

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