Any Australian individual or business wanting access to economical classified advertising online should be rooting, as our American friends say, for entrepreneur Mark Fletcher.

Mark is underwriting and driving a

startup, community-focused online classified ads site, Find It.

The site is currently in pre-beta and all ads are accordingly free just now. But even when the site has passed through the testing phase and is fully operational, a lot of ads will still be free.

According to a blog post this week, Mark is truly putting his money where his mouth is and has already pumped over $2 million of his own into realising his dream. Now that’s commitment!

As I’d first learned of the site from Trevor Cook I did some searching on his Corporate Engagement blog and found some historical/strategic positioning background in his August 30 post, Find It moves to pre-beta release, community feedback sought. More background is at the ZDNet item Web 2.0 fuels disruptive classifieds service.

One suggestion I would make is for there to be an “About” statement on the site

itself. Although I had a reasonable idea of what Find It represents, when I started to write this post I found it frustrating trying to find

a simple statement of “what Find It is about” – for example there is no

“About” tab that I could see on the Find It site.  Not everyone is going to be as determined as I was to get the story.

In the meantime, here’s one of Mark’s passionate statements of what it’s all about:

Australians are paying too much for their advertising.  Spending

$165.00 in an employment ad is nuts.  To spend another $55.00 screening

applicants is doubly nuts.  Even once we start charging in the new year

our value proposition will present new opportunities for employers

looking for more cost effective means of recruiting.

This is our mission.  To provide a fair go for advertisers.  I don’t

see any of the mainstream media players doing this in the classifieds

space today and Australia is the poorer for it.

Check it out.

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