It’s so easy to set up a blog that, if you’re like me and tend to experiment a bit, you can finish up with blogs you’ve actually forgotten you started. It can be a bit of a surprise to discover one of these by accident!

That happened to me just now. Actually, I knew that I’d set up a blog on (I know, I don’t recommend it – I was just experimenting!), called Blog from the Beach. But I couldn’t find it because I could not remember the exact URL. Then when I was checking some files on the server I noticed a directory </bb>. Hmmm, what could that be?

Of course, that was the Blogger item I’d been wondering about.

Then when I logged in, I found another blog – Perfect Days – which I had actually forgotten I’d set up, perhaps when I launched what is now a former ezine of that name.

Those are just a couple of the blogs I’ve started over the past three and a half years. I wonder sometimes about those statistics on numbers of blogs. How many of them are basically defunct, blogosphere junk you might say?

So today has been a day of tidying up. I’ve set up a new version of Blog From The Beach with a same name url which I’d been holding – – and I’ve drafted the first issue of my ezine of the same name.

I’m leaving the old Blogger blogs in place, with posts explaining “where I’ve gone”.

The Blog From The Beach ezine will replace the  previous Thinking Home Business Insider  (or  “THB Insider”) and  “Perfect Days”.  Now I will not have the excuse for not publishing, feeble as it was, that I can’t quite make up my mind which one is appropriate for a particular article.

I have emailed most people who had signed up for the earlier ezines and told them of my plan to consolidate. If you haven’t received that notification I hope you will still find the new ezine of interest – it’s due out next week. And as it will be posted on the blog you will be able to get it via RSS, if you prefer that to email.

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