CoachamaticCoachamatic, started by Andy Wibbels, award-winning blogger and author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging, has taken on a whole new phase of its existence as a group blog authored by a some 30 lifestyle and business coaches (including your humble correspondent).

Andy has brought us together in this exciting venture, which we see as another way of strengthening the coaching community and exposing the profession to a wider mainstream audience.

Coaches on Coachamatic are blogging on a range of topics, including productivity, marketing, small business development, coach training, public speaking, work/life balance, health and wellness, leadership, parenting, money, and conflict management.

Coachamatic is the only blog of its kind and promises to make a significant impact within the coaching community, as a place where all types of coaches can congregate, share ideas, voice opinions, and interact with their peers from around the world.

We’ve actually been posting over recent weeks, without fanfare, so there is already a bunch of posts on a range of topics.

To find out more, come on over and visit with us at

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