Having been immersed for the past two days in a conference where the main focus was marketing online, I’ve got more information than I know what to do with just now.

Which in any case is only a fraction of the information currently circulating.

There is indeed so much information available, I believe that for anyone wanting to build or expand their business online, the smart move is to find a knowledgeable and experienced guide. Especially for people who are new to marketing online, but also for people who may have been online for a while but aren’t getting the results they had hoped for.

So how do you choose a reliable guide from all the competing ‘gurus’?

Well, you could start with someone like Dave Taylor, who has forgotten more about the Internet and marketing online than most of us have learned.

There are plenty of Internet ‘gurus’ who discovered the Internet some ten or even fewer years ago. Dave Taylor by contrast has been online for some 26 years. And not just as a user of services. He has been an active player and is highly respected by the most respected of real gurus. He knows that of which he speaks.

And happily for all those people looking for a guide through the maze of doing business online, Dave has recently been putting together a series of highly targeted courses. One of those courses, Amazing Results with Google Adwords, commences this week.

Actually, it commences today, Monday 16 October. If you are interested but can’t make the first session, it’s no problem because all sessions are going to be recorded and available to registered participants.

Dave’s co-host for the course is Certified Google Adwords Professional Joy Milkowski, who has created and managed hundreds of campaigns and countless key phrases and consistently gets amazing results for clients across a variety of industries.  As Dave says, “Joy has the ability to explain complex Adwords strategies to all levels from novice to expert”.

This is the first time the course is being delivered and Dave and Joy are offering a terrific deal on the price. Details are at this link: Amazing Results with Google Adwords where there is a link to listen to a stimulating ‘preview’ session (which is absolutely free) “Dissecting Adwords with Surgical Precision”. (And yes, that’s an affiliate link in the previous sentence, so if that’s a problem for you and you still want the good oil on Adwords, use this link).

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