Great news about b5media – the bloggers’ blogging network – in a press release of Oct 4, b5 media Inc. Raises US$2million.

It’s a tribute to b5media President Jeremy Wright and his partners, as well as to the many bloggers in the network, that the comments on the media release are so warm in their praise of what has been achieved and in good wishes for future growth.

The network includes a wide variety of bloggers in different fields. I see the Business category in the list of blogs is a bit light on, but that will surely change soon.

Investor Rick Segal’s Our b5 Media Investment post is well worth the read for his observations on how he sees blogging in the bigger picture and for an insight into how a VC might be feeling after shelling out some dosh in this field.

Also, I have to say that if Jeremy’s three Aussie mates in this venture, Darren, Duncan and Shai, had achieved something comparable in the sporting arena, it would probably have been a hot story in the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and Shai’s hometown journal of record, the ‘Tizer’. Just now, they might have to settle for the respect and good wishes of their many friends in the blogosphere.

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