Every now and again over the past couple of years some bloggers have shared ideas about an Australian conference on blogging.

James Farmer ran Blogtalk Downunder last year in Sydney, with some great content, especially in the education sector.

Now some of us, including James and also Trevor Cook, are talking about a conference with a broader framework of social media. The idea is a conference for people in this field, by people in this field.

And it’s not just for Australians. Our international friends from around the socialmediasphere will be very welcome.

We’re looking at Melbourne, where – to use an American term that seems appropriate – there are some leading social media mavens, as well as the fact that Melbourne has, indisputably, some great places to eat and drink. It’s a city which has a vigorous cultural life and is regularly voted as one of the top most livable cities in the world, giving it good reason to use the old appellation Marvellous Melbourne.

The whole conference thing is still at the concept stage. I’ve emailed a few people to kick the conversation along and I’ve set up a Yahoo group – MarvellousMedia07. It’s a closed group, which means that membership has to be approved: that’s just to keep out the spammers who sometimes insinuate themselves into these groups to trawl for email addresses. But for people genuinely interested and especially for people who want to help shape what will happen, the more the merrier, sez I.

I’m hoping that people will follow the instructions and indicate their real name in the comments box when they apply to join.

We will be looking for sponsorship. Given that we expect to attract a number of people with sizable readership/listenership/viewership in Australia and internationally – i.e. significant connectors and influencers – I’m expecting we’ll get a few good sponsors without too much stress. But I’m no sponsorship expert.

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