Martin Neumann has, to coin a phrase, a way with words.

And it’s good that he’s back.

Martin had an excellent blog on home based business – HomeOfficeVoice. And as I was also writing about home office stuff – not so much now, but back then – we were occupying the same space to some extent. But it never felt crowded to me and we exchanged the odd comment compliment from time to time.

Evidently Martin’s actually been ‘back’ for quite a while, but I hadn’t known about his personal blog, The Blog Columnist, till today.

Anyway, as you can read here, Martin got sick of the home office, small business desk and dreamed dreams of bigger things or at least different things.

He writes very well – as in, he is a *real* journalist. And he writes with panache and flair – which I seem to think he kept somewhat under wraps on the homeoffice beat, but not on Blog Columnist.

This whole blog is my canvas. It’s highly opinionated. It’s about pop culture … that matters to me. It’s about business, blogging, people in blogging, movies, music, books, writing … What. Ever. Catches. My. Fancy.

I like the blog’s name. I have a theory which I can’t substantiate, because it is based largely on a long ago conversation in a bar with a journalist mate who was a gun columnist, that there have always been newspapers people bought more for the opinion/entertainment/currentrant columns than for the ‘news’. The Blog Columnist promises fair to be in that league, if it is not already (I do have *some* work to do today and have torn myself away from reading *all* his posts, but what I read was absorbing and entertaining).

Onya Martin!

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