Following up on my post yesterday on my trip to Byron Bay tomorrow for a presentation on business blogging, I’ve been periodically checking some search engines, specifically Google, Google Blog Search, gnoos, Technorati and also Yahoo! once or twice.

One amusing sidelight was that having posted about Byron on a few blogs last night I just noticed on the Technorati site, from a link of the tag byron-bay to Technorati member pictures, that I’m in interesting company:

The koala and the South Park pics are from a Swiss and Austrian (no, not Australian) site respectively and the guy in the middle is an artist in the US who has a site with various artists, including one who mentions he was born in Byron Bay. I’m not enough of a South Park viewer to identify the particular character – I assume it’s a South Park character. (Note: something disruptive happened to the images, so the links have now been deleted.)

I’d been wondering whether I needed a linked-word tag, as in using a plus sign or hyphen (dash) to connect the two words, but it seems that by just having the two words I’ve had my post or posts tagged by Technorati, although the tag is displayed on Technorati as byron-bay.

As to the search engines, I’ve gone from top position yesterday afternoon on Google Blog Search to number two this afternoon. No sign of any posts on Google main search, which is understandable.  On gnoos, if I search on All or World, no sign, but a search on Australia has my post from yesterday in number two position.

The idea was really just to test out how long it took for a post to get listed and to be able to illustrate this in my slide show. But with only about 20 minutes for slides I don’t want to complicate the issue.

All interesting research from my point of view.

What am I trying to demonstrate? Basically that a blog gives you a way to get noticed more readily and effectively by the search engines than if you were relying just on a traditional website and the sort of search engine optimisation techniques that would come into play with a trad website.

And I like to have screenshots to illustrate.

If I don’t get some good screenshots by tonight I still have more than enough material to cover.

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