Lou ArmstrongMy friend and

business colleague Lou Armstrong is a man with a big dream. He’s going to

make his currently not very large Colour Copy Shop in the regional town of Tweed Heads a

service centre for small and large businesses across regional Australia.

Not every small town has a shop that can do all the amazing things

Lou’s Colour Copy Shop can do. Apart from anything else, he loves to do more for

customers than just produce copies of their documents, banners, posters etc. He is

passionate about sharing his hard-earned knowledge of marketing and copywriting,

for instance, so as to add plenty of value to the exercise of producing

printed marketing materials.


That’s why he calls his shop “Not Just a Copy Shop”.

 Colour Copy Shop


Thanks to the Internet, email and courier or Australia Post services, any 

business owner anywhere in Australia can get the sort of hometown, friendly,

genuinely personal and quality service from Lou that they would get if they just

dropped in, as the locals do, to his “Not Just a Copy Shop” in Tweed.

Anyway, I’ve been at Lou for ages to get a blog for his business.

Now he has one up

and running and through his posts people around Australia will be

able to get to connect with Lou and recognise him – as I do – as not only a

good bloke, but a good bloke to do business with.

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