For anyone doing a comparison of blogging platforms and interested in having a benchmarked rundown on what BlogHarbor offers, BlogHarbor’s John Keegan has an informative post, BlogHarbor Feature Checklist.

He’s taken Shai Coggin’s very helpful 21 Important Blogware Features post as the template for his checklist. Shai is using ‘blogware’ in the generic sense, not in the narrower, proprietary sense of the Blogware engine on which BlogHarbor runs.

BlogHarbor stacks up well, scoring positively on 18 out of the 21 nominated features. John Keegan adds the following valuable features not included in the checklist, but which BlogHarbor provides: sticky posts, spell check, post to the future, email submission forms, optional email hosting, multilingual support (language preference can be chosen for control panel and blog, English, Spanish and French currently available), keywords, file system.

And I would add, crucially, tech support and an active user forum, both of which in the case of BlogHarbor are significant factors in my recommending BlogHarbor in my e-book 7 Step Business Blog. It is very reassuring for me that when I recommend BlogHarbor to business clients I know they are going to get excellent and prompt support and be able to participate in a friendly and helpful user forum.

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