I’m thinking that as well as wanting to be remembered as a wildlife warrior of warriors, Steve Irwin would also like the idea of being regarded as a good bloke, someone you would like to spend time with, someone you would like to count as a friend. “Good bloke” being about as far as an older breed of Australian male would go in complimenting someone – don’t want anyone getting a swelled head around here, do we?

Judging by the national and international reaction to the dreadful news of his sudden death yesterday, he need have no worries – obviously a lot of people, or as he might have said a helluva lot of people, recognised him as a good bloke.

I wrote about Steve some months ago, when he was given a well deserved award by the Australian tourism authorities. There was a bit of drawing a long bow, in telling this as a home based business success story, but his story and achievement are truly amazing.

My hunch is his influence is not going to disappear any time soon.