I’m one of the presenters at a lunchtime seminar tomorrow in Ballina, an hour and a half or so south of where I live. I’ll be speaking about business blogging, natch. Another local guy, Dave Heggie, of Digital and Virtual Education (DaVE) will be handling a wider range of web stuff – so I should be able to leave the geekier questions to him, which is just as well!

The event is being put on by the Northern Rivers Business Advisory Service (NORBAS) and the Ballina Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., as part of the statewide Small Business Month, which is in turn sponsored by the state government (New South Wales) and various corporate sponsors, as outlined at the website. Can’t find reference to tomorrow’s event on the website, but I think that may be due to some later changes in the program. Maybe next year they will have a blog, so that late changes can be listed easily!

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