When I go to a ‘networking event’, such as a business breakfast, I never know whether to be amused, appalled or just a bit sad when I see someone who determinedly thrusts business cards at everyone they meet, thinking that is ‘networking’.

That might have been excusable in say, 1980, but surely most people know that effective business networking is about establishing trusted relationships.

Which is a bit tricky when you come to establishing relationships in the online world. How do  you know that this person with whom you seem to have a rapport online is indeed what she or he seems, in ‘real life’? How can you be sure that in developing your online connections you are actually working effectively to develop your business opportunities?

It helps to have a guide.

Of the several guides or even ‘gurus’ I know in this field, Scott Allen is one who has a special understanding of how networking works (and doesn’t) in the online world. He has even written a book about it, with David Teten, and with the evocative title “Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online”.

And Scott is very knowledgeable about one of the best, if not the best, online networking tools, “>LinkedIn.

So it’s good to see that Scott has set up a blog dedicated to explaining and illustrating how LinkedIn works and how professionals from various industry sectors can best use LinkedIn to help manage and advance their online networking. “>LinkedIntelligence is set to be, in the best tradition of professional networking, a trusted source of information and guidance.

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