Bloggers and others be warned! When you drop by Toby Bloomberg’s Blogger Stories weblog  you should be prepared to be seriously distracted from whatever else you had intended to do in the next hour or so.

My afternoon schedule has already been blown out the window with just a few stories I’ve been catching up on.

The story of the “mommy bloggers” Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann and the incredible impact of  The Been There Clearing House blog they set up to help other mothers caught up in the Hurricane Katrina disaster is a powerful testimony not only to human kindness and resourcefulness but to the potential impact of well-targeted blogs.

Then I found David Armano’s story. His name jumped out because I had just found a great graphic on his Logic+Emotion blog, illustrating how much more interactive and iterative the PR process has become – see People Respond: The New PR. Just one among many elegantly illustrated posts. And I really related to David’s comment about the community of bloggers:

From zero, to hero (sort of), but above all—I’m part of this community thing and

it’s a great place to be.  And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

And Jeremy’s story, as per the title of this post? No more sleeping in buses? Well, read the following paragraph and see if you can resist wanting to know more:

Blogs opened more than just a few doors for Jeremy Wright who

runs the world’s 3rd largest blog network. Social media paved the way

out of the darkness and into a world where the lightness of success meant no

more sleeping in the bottom of abandoned buses. (more)

Good story. And besides these three stories I counted 47 more, including mine .

Keep ’em coming, Toby!

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