Noticed on the Fairfax Digital site an interesting article, Work the Room, about how to fit computers and other home office paraphernalia into the home.
Three options or scenarios are examined and solutions suggested for each: the occasional office, the no-space office and the whole-room office.
The article includes some suggestions or recommendations about equipment and furnishings such as chairs. An ergonomic chair is recommended, with a suggested cost of around $450.
I went through that phase, spending actually a lot more than $450 on a top of the line chair, about $1,200 as I recall. I was a bit shocked when a physiotherapist neighbour told me the  government surplus secretary’s chair I had bought for about $10 was better for my back than the expensive, ergonomic woder. Interestingly, the old surplus chair lasted a lot longer than the expensive chair.
It is a good article nevertheless.
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