This post is about offline blogging editing tools, with a focus on the latest version of  Qumana.

By way of background, some blogging enthusiasts, including yours truly, are wont to reassure would be bloggers, concerned about what they might need to know or do to blog, that it is really quite easy to write and upload a blog post. From one of my colleagues – Andy Wibbels? – I picked up and have re-used the phrase, “If you can write and send an email you can post to a blog”.

True as far as it goes, but in less boosterish moments I have to admit that there are pitfalls. Not the least of which is that if you compose your post online, as I regularly do with BlogHarbor and also with WordPress, you risk losing your work if you have some mishap, such as downtime on your Internet connection or a scheduled maintenance period you had forgotten about until too late.

Or if you forget the warning in BlogHarbor (Blogware platform) when you have previewed your work, to use the Edit button not the Back button on your browser, and you haven’t first saved  your work, you can lose the lot. That happened to me yesterday. Half an hour’s work, and perhaps a bright idea or two, needlessly lost. Not the first time, either.

A few good reasons to have another look at offline editors.

There are a few more reasons. One is that I want to be able to post some items to more than one of my blogs at a time and would value a shortcut to that, which Qumana and other tools provide.

I’m also wanting to find a way to help people I’m coaching be able to focus more on their content development than on the machinery of posting.

There is also the advantage with one of these tools that you can save a copy of your post on your own computer, rather than just relying on exporting your posts some time from a blog hosting service, if you are using a service such as BlogHarbor or Typepad, for instance.

And on a personal/professional note, as Tris Hussey, one of the principals of Qumana, is a valued colleague who has been very supportive of my endeavours, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t given Qumana a fair trial. I had tried Qumana in an early version – QumanaLE 1.0 – but while I could see some benefits I had a few problems, especially with using keywords and allocating categories.

Before that I had tried Blogjet. And while looking back I see that I was feeling quite positive about it at the time, I did not continue – from recollection because, as later with that early version of Qumana, I did not find posting to the site a totally seamless operation. That’s quite a while ago, early last year in fact, so I would not be surprised if Blogjet is now a more robust tool.

Anyway, just now I’ve downloaded Qumana, now at version 3.0.0_b4 and am composing this post using the very neatly laid out editing screen as below.

I should probably mention that there is no automatic save (that I can notice), so especially with a long post it is still a smart move  to save as you go, rather than waiting till the whole post is finished. In Qumana there is a clearly displayed button to do that.

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