Up till now I have not really tried to understand P2P file sharing. But I know there are significant issues in terms of creativity, intellectual property rights and so on, so I was pleased that the Linkedin Bloggers boost project during the past week led me to have a look around Marc Freedman’s P2P File Sharing blog.

The blog started in December 2004 and has over 300 entries, so there is plenty of material for anyone interested in the subject matter.

I was particularly interested to read about Sun Microsystem’s Project DReaM, in Marc’s post Sun Has an Open Source DReaM:

Dream provides real interoperability.
> Music and video can be played on any certified device or software. It won’t be locked to one product, like iTunes files only playing on iPods.
> Content providers can be assured of a wide range of supporting players.

Project DReaM is being developed in the context of Sun’s Open Media Commons initiative, which aims to ‘develop open, royalty-free digital rights management and codec solutions’.

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