It’s my belief that any company commissioning a website development these days should be able to expect that the developer will provide, as part of the package, options for blogging and even wikis within the overall structure. I also believe that such provision should not involve a significant additional cost, especially with so many open source (i.e. free software) solutions available.

I also believe – and tell people – that if you have decided that you want blogging capability with your website, you are much more likely to get a good solution if the developer company is blogging than if they aren’t. In other words, is what you are asking for something they do and understand first hand or is it really just theory for them?

Fred Schebesta, who is a very savvy online marketer and a blogger, includes this capability in his post, How to choose an online marketing company, listing five key elements to look for in a good full service online marketing agency.

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