It was well worth rising before dawn and making the trip to Sydney and back yesterday for the Future of Media Summit, which took place in both Sydney and San Francisco.

The lineup of speakers for the various panels was impressive and as individuals and groups they did not disappoint.

Lots about blogging and it was good to see and hear on the panel not only top blogtracker Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, but also our own Aussie blogwatcher, Ben Barren, CEO of gnoos, and Australian Financial Review IT Editor and Filtered blogger Mark Jones.

A rather fraught period when the trans-oceanic video link was first opened, with the people in San Francisco unable to make out what Summit host Ross Dawson was saying, but that was soon sorted out.

I understand there’s been some good media coverage. I plan to post some items here from the event, over the next week or so.

The Future of Media Report on the site has stats, graphs and comments worth looking at.

Congratulations to author, speaker and leading futurist Ross Dawson and his colleagues for pulling off this ambitious and timely event!

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