There’s a new (well, new for me anyway) acronym in the world of online advertising – CPA. In this context it does not mean Certified Public Accountant or Coalition Provisional Authority but Cost Per Action, or possibly Cost Per Acquisition. This Wikipedia article on Online Advertising  says the term is common in the affiliate marketing field.

My interest in the meaning of the acronym was initiated by the press release about The World’s First Performance Marketing Network for Bloggers.

The network is BlogKits, developed by blogging dynamo and entrepreneur Jim Kukral and acquired by Forge Corporation, which has in the process sensibly engaged Jim as VP of Branding and Marketing.

As well as respect for Jim Kukral as a pro blogger, what got my attention (especially after wondering in my previous post just how I could make some money from Google Adsense) was this comment:

“Google Adsense has been a revolutionary tool for bloggers, and should always stay part of a successful blog monetization strategy,” said Mr. Kukral. “Our approach is not to recommend to replace Adsense, but to add to it without penalty. We believe there’s a lot more money to be made on a well-matched cost-per-action (CPA) offer for bloggers as opposed to a few pennies per click from Adsense.”

So I signed up.

And here’s what impressed me immediately. First, unlike most of the online ‘bizops’ I sign up for and am immediately accepted for without question, the BlogKits signup was more formal, with serious details sought in the application form, so that suggested I was connecting with serious business people. Second, when I had a problem with one of the forms in the signup, I emailed some questions, thinking I might have to wait a while or forever to get an answer. To my surprise and pleasure, next morning there was a personal email from Jim Kukral in my inbox.

Good stuff.

I’m looking forward to learning more about BlogKits in its new phase.

And making money .

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